Welcome to Prospecta

Prospecta develops enterprise solutions that empower users to take control of their business processes. We aim to disrupt and challenge industry mindsets about traditional software implementations. Focused on three scalable, holistic solutions; Master Data Online (MDO), Work Safe Online (WSO), and ConnektHub (CKH), Prospecta specialises in Master Data Governance, Health, Safety & Environment, and business collaboration.

Master Data Online
Master Data Online (MDO)

Delivers business users with trustworthy, reliable data by mediating, managing and governing core master data shared by multiple master data domains.

Work Safe Online
Work Safe Online (WSO)

A comprehensive, integrated Occupational Health and Safety solution to better manage OH&S compliance, risks and stakeholders. It is completely scalable allowing customers the flexibility to change with their business needs.

ConnektHub (CKH)

Combining innovation with ease of use and collaboration, the ConnektHub Platform will accelerate business growth, efficiency and savings.