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MRO Materials - Free Text Spend

This 30min webinar explores Free Text Spend challenges and provides tips and insights to help companies tackle unnecessary cost linked with indirect materials.

Indirect Materials - Free Text Spend

Tim McLain talks about a global issue that is Free text spend while buying indirect materials. This gives you no ability to control that spent to provide benefits to your business.  Listen to this 2 mins Vlog to get more insights.

Data Governance

Listen to Tim McLain to understand the importance of Data standardization specially in mining and manufacturing industries. He talks about how to manage related challenges to improve the end to end supply chain process.

MRO Governance

Tim McLain talks Data Governance. A topic close to his heart to help companies make cataloging for the people. It reduces Free-text, collects valuable data and improves the supply chain. This 2 minute vlog is a powerhouse of insights.

MRO Materials - Cataloging Fundamentals

Take a deep dive into cataloging MRO materials with our industry expert Tim McLain. This 30min webinar explores MRO cataloging challenges and provides wisdom and insights to help companies tackle indirect materials.

What Should You Catalog

Tim McLain draws from his 20+ years in MRO management to give us his thoughts on cataloging; the what and why to catalog. Tim provides key takeaways and tips to determine the health of your current cataloging environment.

Introduction to MDO

MDO for Spare Parts Management

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