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Spare Parts data cleansing and standardization using...

One of the largest mining operation and the first major magnetite mine in Mid-West Australia. It produces a premium, high-grade concentrate product for export to steelmakers.

The company faced challenges and difficulties because of duplicate spare parts. Existing spare parts were not having the standardized description because of which duplicate spare parts were recorded. Because of this the organization was facing difficulty in maintaining proper inventory level. With the help of MDO, client has cleansed and standardized their existing 12,000-13,000 Spare Part Records. They have started using MDO solution for new spare parts creation to create standardized spare parts description.

Business Challenges:

  • No formalized categorization.
  • Lots of duplicate spare parts in the system.
  • Short and long description standardization using Noun, Modifier & Attributes (characteristics).
  • No tool to create new standardized Material descriptions.
  • No mechanism to check duplicate spare parts at the time of creation.

Business Benefits:

  • MDO helped in making formalized categorization (UNSPSC based).
  • Duplicate spare parts are identified and removed from the system.
  • Short and long descriptions are standardized using Noun, Modifier & Attributes (characteristics).
  • MDO’s Material Description Generator standardizes new Material descriptions.
  • Duplicate spare parts are identified at the time of creation.
  • Proper Inventory level is maintained.
  • Improved maintenance efficiency is achieved.
  • Elimination of false stock-outs.