Release Date: November 2020
Product: MDO
Section: Platform

Version: 2.21 (*available for all the clients with version 2.21 & above)


The release focuses on MDO platform improvements, general bug issues, new features, and reduces the UI inconsistencies across the platform pages and sections to enhance the user experience.

Highlights of release:

  1. What’s New – Description generator functionality, ability to add child records at the time of approving the parent request on the transaction page, Excel connect (Mass reset, ability to create a hierarchical record in a single record, Copy with reference, review changes on Mass request), comments based notification, Inbox filters, & Cross module roles.
  2. What’s Improved – Shopping cart functionality, Transaction screens, Excel connect feature performance, Platform usability, i.e. change Log, queue management, Auto Extension, Change request functionality, outbox etc.
  3. Bug Fixes