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MDO Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance Systems

Large facilities like refineries or power plants are only as productive as their weakest link. Plant maintenance systems help ensure the right equipment is in the right place, with the correct maintenance routines, supported by thousands of spare parts.  As much as 40% of all equipment, maintenance plans, and other critical data is either missing or incorrect in the typical maintenance management system. 10-15% of spare parts in a typical warehouse are obsolete or duplicate. As a result, EPRI says that less than 40% of a maintenance worker’s time is spent actually working on equipment.

Prospecta's solution

Prospecta’s MDO Asset and MDO Spares solutions help ensure that the equipment you think is there, actually is there. And that the spare parts you need, but only the ones you need, are always readily at hand. They also help eliminate free text procurement, prevent obsolete MRO items, and increase efficiency. 

By focusing on the underlying master data, Prospecta frees up 7-12% in hard dollar savings, and increases maintenance productivity by 20-25%. These tangible gains go directly to the company’s bottom line.


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