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MDO Product One


MDO Product One is a one-stop platform to manage all product master data assets, enhanced with collaboration framework.

All-in-one Product Information Platform

MDO provides extensive capabilities for you to manage product information complemented with digital content (both structured and unstructured), publish them across various online retailers and marketplaces, and ensure data quality through ongoing validation. It supports any kind of data model and can be customized to meet product data requirements.

Data Quality and Governance Guaranteed

Through semantic reconciliation of data from different systems involving profiling, cleansing, matching, and linking, data quality is assured. Various data stewardship policies can be implemented too, ensuring data governance.

What will you get?

Contextualization enables you to create the same product information in various versions (e.g., language) for additional channels. Its user-friendly interface empowers even business users to manage variant data.

Through Product Data Syndication (PDS), you can publish and share product data across different retailers, marketplaces, and customer-facing channels.

MDO also provides print publishing for physical distribution and works seamlessly with leading layout and page design software.

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