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MDO One Solution


The MDO suite of ‘ONE’ solutions are based on a common intent to have ONE unified view of the data object in question and for this unified view to be ONE source of truth for all users.

Providing a complete solution

Every ONE solution is built on the pillars of data quality elements such as Structure, Completeness, Consistency, Accuracy, Validity, Integrity, and Relevance.

Single Source Of Truth For Your Data

The unification of relevant Master data, Transactional data, and AI data from various discrete sources around the data object and adoption of smart business rules to cleanse & enrich data lead to MDO ONE being the single source of truth for that data object across all users in a company.

What will you get?

MDO DIW consolidates and compares data from various sources and identifies duplicates, missing fields etc. based on the defined business rules, followed by data enrichment based on connected data sources. MDO Data Governance functionality is utilized for individual aspects or a unified view of the data object. It ensures reviews and approvals of the data changes for the record to become ONE source of the truth.

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