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MDO MDM Datasheet

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Data Quality through Data Governance

Improve the quality of your data and provide the necessary governance for your operation processes with business rules and standardization. MDO MDM incorporates both active and passive governance for proactive master data management.

Focused on Asset Intensive Industries

Industries like mining, oil & gas, chemicals, manufacturing, and utilities have a high percentage of fixed assets to produce their goods or services. Therefore, the business processes and master data requirements are unique and require solutions that understand specific industry issues.

Cloud-Based Environment

The only SAP data solution available on the cloud, MDO MDM is completely based on a SaaS model and can be configured by data analysts. The solution leverages the SAP Cloud Platform, which makes the integration seamless.

Pre-Defined Data Models

MDO Comes with Pre-Defined Data Models for ERP systems like SAP, the solution has the knowledge and expertise of these systems, which saves a lot of time to deliver the outcome.


MRO Data Management ​

Reduce spare part inventory holding costs with standardized auto generated material descriptions. 

Finished Goods / Product Management

Manage all your Materials, Finished Goods, and Semi-Finished goods on a single platform with an integrated processes that impacts the maintenance of finished goods. 

Vendor Onboarding and Governance

Simple Onboarding forms with the smarts and intelligence of managing all the risks while onboarding of Vendor. Leverages industry best practices and content using the platform framework. One place to do Onboarding and Governance. 

Finance Master Data

Core Finance Master Data areas extending to areas such as WBS and Internal Orders for Industries such as Utilities. 

Governance of EAM Master Data

A comprehensive governance framework that supports quality at the source of technical objects and maintenance plans and extending collaboration with EPC Contractors using CFIHOS standard. 

Customer Data Governance & Protection

Enhance the quality of your customer data with governance and also providing the necessary controls for data privacy and protection.