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MDO Labs

MDO Labs

About Us

The product and technology teams are crucial cogs in the MDO product manufacturing machine.

MDO has seen three big iterations, the third being the latest one “MDO FUSE”.

On each iteration, we have made sure to use the latest technologies in the industry and bring in the latest features around data in MDO.

MDO started with a humble data governance vision. Now MDO raises the question around data culture within an organisation. A lot of different technologies like Angular, Spark, Hadoop, Spring, Openshift and many more work together to achieve that vision.

Along with MDO the team has also evolved growing stronger in terms of experience and improved processes.

We always welcome new team members and challenge them to perform at the next level. Providing the guidance and vision by the Technology and Platform Architects help them achieve their goals both personal and corporate.

Bringing in transformation within Prospecta like no other!

Michael Yandell leads the product management space. He comes with immense experience in the MDM space. Adding features, improving our engagement around customer ideas, due diligence around user stories and engaging the technology team to provide the best of MDO to our customers.

Michael David Yandell Principal Solution Architect

Oleksiy Yehorov has brought the new face of MDO aka MDO FUSE to fruition. Considering his roots in Ukraine, it is a challenging time for him, but his dedication and commitment to get MDO FUSE to his vision is unparalleled.

Oleksiy Yehorov Product Manager

Abhishek Gupta began his career at Prospecta starting of as a MDO Technical Consultant. Showing incredible aptitude to learn and commitment to his work and quickly started shining among his peers. With the right guidance and opportunities, he is now part of the core Research and Development team. We rely on him every day to research new aspects of technology and bring that to our customers.

Abhishek Gupta Development Engineer