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MDO Supply Chain for SAP


A Master Data Solution for SAP that improves the definition of spare parts, accuracy of maintenance data, and quality of supplier data.

A Comprehensive Supply Chain Solution

Prospecta’s MDO Supply Chain provides a comprehensive set of business-focused solutions to solve complex business issues by harnessing the power of automated data-centric solutions. This drives hard dollar savings, quantifiable process improvements, and tangible resource savings enterprise-wide.

Drive Operational Efficiency

Want to drive 5-10% hard-dollar savings out of your MRO and spare parts inventory, while potentially increasing maintenance workers’ time-on-task and equipment uptime by as much as 25% each? Look no further than MDO Supply Chain. The solution is technology-oriented but highly optimized for Spares, Maintenance, and other Supply Chain verticals.

Save On Your MRO Cost

Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations typically account for 5-10% of a company’s Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). By focusing on accurate, complete, and standardized spare parts data, you can drive significant one-time and ongoing hard-dollar savings for your company. Use this calculator to create your Spares ROI Plan

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