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MDO DIW: An innovative Approach to Data Stewardship and Data Quality

Prepare, cleanse, enrich, and migrate data with a data quality assurance framework


Redefining Data Stewardship

MDO Data Intelligence Workbench (DIW) has the capabilities to prepare, cleanse, enrich, and migrate data as well as provide a data quality assurance framework. It redefines data stewardship by allowing businesses to take up ownership and collaborate on data quality, assisted by intelligence and user-intuitive experience.

What will you get?

Assess current data quality, define validation rules, and prepare for migration that’s crucial for digital transformation projects like SAP S/4HANA. Identify and remediate data errors which include standardization and deduplication using a predictive and intelligent rule-based approach. Leverage both pre-defined and external contents to enrich data to help organizations align with industry standards e.g., ISO8000 and ISO14224.


Start with DIW in a matter of days

Multi-domain with pre-defined rules and data models helps you to start with DIW in days. This enables you to configure business rules, access data remediation views, and monitor data health via action alerts and exceptions, hence reducing IT dependency. You can also create a golden record by consolidating and deduplicating data from multiple sources.


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