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MDO Customer One

MDO Customer One

MDO Customer One provides a complete 360° view of customer data that is essential for personalizing your customer engagement and experience.

Achieve Golden Record

With the capabilities to consolidate customer data from different systems as well as applying data quality and governance, you're assured of the 'Golden Record' state of data. This allows you to correctly segment customers and tailor targeted marketing campaigns.

Flexible Options of Customer Data Onboarding

Multiple onboarding options either from multiple sources or directly via MDO that make use of validation steps ensure seamless and undisrupted day-to-day operations. MDO comes with pre-built SAP integration where your customer data can be merged into SAP for further ERP-related processes.

What will you get?

With pre-configured dashboards and analytics, you can track customer-related KPIs and drill down to the lowest detail to get to the bottom of an issue.

You can also tap into external systems e.g., Dun & Bradstreet to obtain risk profiles and credit ratings of your customers to mitigate external risks.

Capabilities like audit trails, masking of sensitive data, and end-to-end master data disposal guarantee your compliance with legislative requirements, e.g., GDPR.

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