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Maintenance, Repairs, & Operations typically account for 5-10% of a company's Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

Master Data Online (MDO) for Assets has all the capabilities to manage your asset data, encompassing core master data, work management, and process governance for end-to-end Asset Information Lifecycle Management (AILM). Let’s find out exactly how much below, in just a few clicks.

Please only enter numbers (no letters or other characters) in each field provided below.

  • Improve Operations and Maintenance Efficiency
  • Reduce Maintenance Inventory Costs
  • Improve Data Management Efficiency
  • Report

Step 1 - 4

Improve Operations and Maintenance Efficiency

Reduce maintenance planning and execution time through having accurate asset information, complete BOM and task lists and the correct spares.

No of work orders per year

No of work orders completed per year

Average time per work order

The average amount of time (in hours) spent by a tradesperon on planning and completing the work.

Tradesperson time cost (hrs)

The cost per hour of a tradesperson's time.

Improvement/Time Reduction

The improvement /reduction in time spent that can be expected.

0 2hrs
i Typical value ranges from 2-24hrs
0 2%
i Typical value ranges from 2-25%

Reduce Operations and Maintenance Efficiency

Estimated Saving


Step 2 - 4

Reduce Maintenance Inventory Costs

Eliminate free-text spending by improving the cataloguing of spares (both the number of the spares catalogued and the data quality). This leads to increased procurement visibility, thus allowing for supplier consolidation and better use of quantity discounts as well as through the use of existing stock (rather than procuring additional items)

Spend on free text items

Total expenditure based on free-text items relating to spares purchases in a 12 month period.

Free Text Spend Reduction

% of the free text spend that it would be expected can be saved through using a catalogued item.

0 5%
i Typical value ranges from 5-50%

Reduction in Maintenance Inventory Costs

Estimated Saving


Step 3 - 4

Improve Data Management Efficiency

Through the use of MDO active governance (using rules to standarise data and default values as well as ExcelConnect to upload mass data) achieve a reduction in effort/costs of maintaining the master data as well as improvements in data quality with subsequent impacts on maintenance productivity.

No of assets records (Flocs and equipment)

The number of of functional location and equipment records that you have in SAP.

No of assets records (Flocs and equipment) created in the last year

The number of new spare part materials created in the last year.

Rate of change per annum

The typical % of your material masters that get changed each year.

Hourly Rate of Master Data Maintainer

Hourly rate of master data maintainer.



0 2%
i Typical value ranges from 2-20%
0 10%
i Typical value ranges from 10-40%

Reduction In Improve Data Management Efficiency

Estimated Saving