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Data-Driven Process Platform

FUSE is a data-driven, enterprise-level platform that gives you the freedom to customize and automate business processes.

Then at 19AUD/user/month*

Data Quality at your finger tips

FUSE is a low code platform that contains pre-configured business templates to accelerate process customization and pre-built analytics to facilitate insightful analysis. It comes with a data governance structure to ensure the data quality and reliability of your business processes.

Managing Business Processes efficiently

Build and automate highly-specialized business processes and avoid budgetary constraints to purchase enterprise software/solutions. Skip the complexity of adding on new business apps into your existing systems and cloud applications.

managing business processes
Analyze your data

Analyze Your Data

FUSE comes with Data Analytics that provides end-to-end visualization of data, with dashboards and widgets that help you analyze and make important business decisions.

Perform Data Integration

Perform Data Integration

Data Integration is enhanced with a robust governance and data transformation framework that includes exception-based data quality rules, ensuring that quality data is integrated across systems and subscribers.

Achieve Data Quality Assurance

Achieve Data Quality Assurance

Data Intelligence Workbench provides multi-domain access with pre-defined rules and data models. This enables you to configure business rules, access data remediation views, and monitor data health via alerts and exceptions, hence reducing IT dependency.

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