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Data Health Assessment (DHA) with MDO Data…

Data Health Assessment (DHA) with MDO Data Intelligence Workbench (DIW)

Manifesting value out of your data quality journey through our services of data health assessment, data cleansing and enrichment, and data governance.

What are your data quality challenges?

Inheriting bad-quality data from legacy systems.

No systematic way to detect and fix data quality issues.

Absence of system and tool to incorporate data quality into processes.

How MDO Data Intelligence Workbench (DIW) helps you in your data quality journey?

MDO DIW provides a workbench to validate, cleanse, and enrich data, with minimal human intervention. Coupled with our services, we help you execute DHA activities as well as ensure continuous data quality.

Data Health Assessment (DHA)

Ongoing data assessments to surface the areas needing attention and focus. It provides the key KPIs for all the subsequent phases.

Data Cleansing and Enrichment

Cleansing and enrichment of data at the source or within the MDM solution. Data needs to be enriched continuously to cater to new data sources and data entries.

Data Governance

Setup of data quality rules for active and passive governance to accommodate both existing and new data.

What will you get?