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Meteoric economic growth, strengthening R&D, and digital transformation are currently the top strategic priorities for pharmaceuticals industry driven by changing consumer behaviour, cyberthreats, and emerging competitors. This necessitates them to fully utilise advanced technologies especially those dealing with data to rise above the saturated market post-COVID era.


  • Managing product data and compliance-related information
  • Inaccurate recipes and bill of materials (BOM) can lead to major issues
  • Finance master data needs to be accurate for better cost allocation
  • Supplier compliance in terms of integrity and quality
  • Country-specific legislation requirements including CFR compliance

Master Data Domains


  • Materials (Inbound and Outbound Supply Chain)
  • Product Information Management
  • Recipes
  • Suppliers
  • Customers


  • Asset and Finance Data

How can MDO help

  • Streamline master data request processes incorporating rules and SLAs, making use of online, mobile, and mass templates
  • Integrated master data including Recipes and Materials
  • Incorporate Standards into MDO Rules Framework for compliance
  • Audit trails and logs for all requests and changes
  • Continuous data monitoring to guarantee quality and integrity
  • One-stop platform for Master Data Management to achieve an integrated view of data

Benefits and business case

  • Data quality and governance become part of a larger transformation project, e.g., Migration or Mergers/Acquisition
  • Master Data Management initiative to automate manual/semi-manual process and reduce headcount cost
  • Industry compliance and standards for better collaboration
  • Risk mitigation from goodwill and revenue losses
  • Enhanced supplier collaboration

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