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Amid labour shortage and supply chain challenges, the manufacturing industry is bouncing back by leveraging advanced technologies introduced via Industry 4.0 while incorporating sustainability initiatives. With a renewed focus to transform and digitalise supply chain management, enforcing data governance and quality becomes high on their agenda.


  • Ensuring high-quality master data for inbound and outbound supply chain
  • Supplier management and governance as part of compliance requirements
  • Handling finished goods and related master data including pricing information
  • Spare Parts Data Management for OEM parts’ identification and inventory costs’ reduction
  • Obtaining a single, integrated view of product data
  • Inaccurate demand and forecast planning
  • Outdated or incorrect characteristics, hence the need to incorporate industry standards
  • Data integrity issues—no validation mechanism across different datasets
  • No governance around supplier integrity and procurement, hence increasing risk, compliance, and sustainability issues

Master Data Domains


  • Materials (Inbound and Outbound Supply Chain)
  • Product Information Management
  • Suppliers
  • Customers


  • Assets and Finance Data

How can MDO help

  • Streamline master data request processes incorporating rules and SLAs, making use of online, mobile, and mass templates
  • Integrated Master Data process across supply chain
  • Audit trails and logs for all requests and changes
  • Integrated view of Product and Customer data through Product & Customer ONE
  • Enhance supplier collaboration on critical data elements e.g., Raw Materials
  • Spare Parts Standards following our pre-defined taxonomy
  • One-stop platform for Master Data Management to achieve an integrated view of data

Benefits and business case

  • Data quality and governance become part of a larger transformation project, e.g., Migration, PLM or demand planning initiatives
  • Master Data Management initiative to automate manual/semi-manual process and reduce headcount cost
  • Industry compliance and standards for better collaboration
  • Enhanced supplier collaboration
  • Improvements in planning, forecasting, and demand management

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