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ConnektHub is the go-to marketplace for enterprise solutions that redefines collaboration and helps you align with industry standards.

Adopt Industry Standards & Best Practices

By enabling partners and customers to publish their contents, ConnektHub allows you to run your business following industry standards and collaborate with peers to define and implement best practices.

What will you get?

A marketplace of approved business templates (ConnektHub) ConnektHub contains master data taxonomies (e.g., spares, assets, and materials), industry standards (e.g., CFIHOS and UNSPSC), and approved templates (e.g., datasets, business rules, mappings, flows, and schemas) for you to explore and use. Ensuring updated information at all times, you’ll be notified of any new versions of content you’ve utilized.

Achieve Business Excellence

Using pre-defined content and business templates from ConnektHub, you can accelerate your business process creation and automation, hence expediting value realization. Its ease of use and flexibility support agile and responsive business processes to help you attain business and operational excellence.