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CEO End of Year Message

CEO End of Year Message

Prospecta will be 20 years old in 2022, and MDO, 12 years. The journey has been all about patience and belief in our vision. The trust of our employees, customers, and partners has kept us going, and we carry-on with the same passion in our growth journey.

In this fast-changing world, people share a variety of experiences in established organizations, start-ups, and growth companies. Prospecta being a rapidly growing company, we all get first-hand experience navigating rapid growth and overcome the challenges that come with it.

Data in the new world has become a critical topic. The reasons are apparent, and we need to trust our data to make the right decisions. That is only possible only when you enable a solution like MDO that empowers data culture. Our team has grown stronger with a mix of experience and young employees with a hunger for learning, and a passion for meeting our objectives.

The year gone by has seen the world face numerous threats and challenges. The uncertainty remains with COVID and the new variants. We have all learned new ways of working, where we are remotely finishing our job and building & extending relationships. The Prospecta team has tried to convert every challenge into learning and opportunity. Our team, customers and partners have been the key pillars in making this happen. We sincerely thank our customers who believed in us and decided to choose MDO over many other established players in this space. It further encourages us to continue innovating and providing value for their investment in data.

2021 – The Reflection

We welcomed the transition from an 18-year bootstrap consulting/software company to a pure data management software company supported by a strategic investment from Ellerston Capital. We have grown with new executives with solid industry experience, quality leaders, and more talent in each area. We have also expanded our presence in EMEA and other countries in APJ. MDO is set up for something special in the coming years. Forrester recognised MDO in the 2021 MDM Wave, this, complemented by special mention in Gartner, has further validated our mission and strategy.

The sense of urgency to grow, alongside the Covid restrictions was not the best combination. However, we remained committed to our goals and ensured that our team stayed together. The result was an increase of ~50% in Annual Subscriptions, with more and more customers becoming part of the Prospecta family. We had one of the best years in terms of new MDO Subscriptions across all regions. The new normal was something we adapted to quickly and produced outstanding results.

This year was also about learning and sharing. With the launch of MDO ONE – our one place for education and support, our learning and development team introduced new courses for our internal teams, customers, and partners. MDO Academy will be a significant area of focus in 2022. We will further empower our customers and partners to implement better data solutions.

Partners are a crucial part of growth. This year, we initiated several programs in both services and technology with our partners including various drives with SAP and AWS, our strategic technology partners.

Finally, we are all excited about the new MDO Platform, MDO Fuse, combining the best technology and user experience. The MDO users and data stewards can now execute their data initiatives with speed and efficiency. MDO Fuse also provides the foundation to launch in other domains and industry verticals.

2022 - The Next Pitch

We are now poised to launch ourselves into this amazing journey’s next pitch. The new ways of working will continue and provide more flexibility and help us increase and retain our talent across all areas of Prospecta.

The new MDO Fuse platform launch has now increased the possibility of leveraging the MDO platform for other industries and domains. Data is not a problem limited to large organisations. To address a wider need, MDO will be more scalable for the mid-market and help them to deliver on their outcomes around quality data. We will continue to invest in technologies, especially AI/ML.

We are also entering into various levels of partnership, especially with SAP, to strengthen digital transformations initiatives. All SAP customers clearly understand the need for governance and data quality to derive the value of their investments in projects like S/4 HANA.

Based on the foundations set in 2021, we are now ready to be a fully partner-driven organisation. We will see an increase in both MDO resellers and MDO service partners. These partners will come with rich experience in their respective regions, domains, and industry. We have already engaged with the large SI’s and the boutique partners and will support them to build a strong MDO practice.

The pandemic and other political factors will continue to test us and other businesses. We need to make sure that we can adapt, learn, and execute with minimum impact. Prospecta will continue to innovate and find better ways to overcome deliver quality results for our customers.

Let us all hope for the best and the strength and patience to keep navigating through this period of uncertainty. As we reflect on 2021, I would encourage you all to focus on our continuous development and improvement, and equally to cherish the great positives, the wins, and your individual and team achievements.

Finally, I wish you, your family, and your friends a great new year. Be safe and be healthy always.