Thinking of Migrating your Data to the Cloud? Don’t just Move it, Trust it, Here’s How.

Many businesses are now looking to migrate critical IT applications to the Cloud, to help deliver greater benefits to the organisation. However, no matter what the application, the common denominator is your data – namely, your Master Data (the central … Read More

10 Data Mistakes to Avoid in your Transformation Project

No Defined Responsibility – Data moves like an orphan in a transformation project. Most consulting companies will provide resources but not take responsibility for the data quality. Ensure you engage a specialist provider for data who works with your business and … Read More

Making the Most Out of Data Cleansing

A Gartner study has found that bad data costs businesses from $9.7 million to $14.2 million annually. This is where data cleansing enters the picture. Data cleansing, interchangeably termed as data cleaning or data scrubbing, is the process of identifying … Read More