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Cataloguing as a Service

Cataloguing As A Service (CAAS)

A one-stop service that leverages technology, knowledge, and content to build and maintain a comprehensive MRO data inventory.

What are your data cataloguing challenges?

Large volume of free-text PO entries.

Duplicate materials, hard to keep track of them.

Seamless information sharing and collaboration between inventory, procurement, and maintenance teams.

Need to comply with industry standards.

How can CAAS help you?

Data Health Assessment (DHA)

Ongoing data assessments to surface the areas needing attention and focus. It provides the key KPIs for all the subsequent phases.

Data Cleansing and Classification Strategy

Cleanse and classify data based on ECCMA and best practices. MRO items are categorized based on criticality to facilitate initial onboarding and keep the cost down.

Taxonomy — define & improve

Review and validate current MRO taxonomy to identify gaps in materials and equipment.

UNSPSC classify & enrich

Restructure and enrich taxonomy to follow the right classification standards based on UNSPSC and ISO8000.

New requests — governance

Set up the MRO request process in MDO where CAAS is involved in classifying and enriching the attributes.

What will you get?