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Active and Passive Governance Done Right

“Data is the new oil” has transformed the way modern enterprises perceive and approach data. But amassing petabytes of data would be for naught if these data go unchecked and … Read More

Incorporating Data Strategy into SAP S/4HANA Migration

In this highly volatile economic climate, companies can’t afford to stand on the sidelines while their competitors jump on the digital business bandwagon. It’s the only way to stay relevant … Read More

SAP S/4HANA Migration Benefits: Technology, Business, and...

Digitalization of enterprise platforms has been a hot topic for years now in keeping with the advent of Industry 4.0 and emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning … Read More

Getting Up Close and Personal with Data...

In this day and age where information grows and changes at the speed of the internet, data is touted as the new currency. Hence, data-related activities such as migration shouldn’t … Read More

Data Enrichment: Looking Under the Hood

Establishing a data-driven culture isn’t just about having confidence and trust in data. It’s also about taking steps to ensure data is continually usable and relevant. While data governance is … Read More

Empowering Data Culture

SAP Insider Interviews Ranjan Bakshi CEO Prospecta MDO In Today’s volatile data world, Data integrity has become one of the most crucial tools for Enterprises as they embark on their … Read More

Futurum reports how Master Data Online from...

50% of organizations use a computerized maintenance management system. The remaining 50% rely on manufacturing scheduling systems, computerized calendars or even just a paper schedule … Read More

MDO Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance Systems Large facilities like refineries or power plants are only as productive as their weakest link. Plant maintenance systems help ensure the right equipment is in the right … Read More


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