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Energy companies are pivoting from old business models and leveraging master data management to overcome challenges and achieving Net Zero emissions

Energy industry trends: Role of data in overcoming challenges

It has been a bumpy, roller-coaster ride for companies in the Energy industry. Fluctuating oil prices, competition from energy disruptors like Elon Musk’s Tesla—the list goes on. In danger of being perceived as a sunset industry, companies are scrambling to … Read More

Data culture trends and challenges in Europe and South Africa

The global economic backdrop is plagued with pandemics, energy crises, climate change, supply chain shortages, and other disruptive factors. Data is being touted as this era’s ‘new oil’, and the time is ripe for companies to harness this new oil … Read More

It's crucial to understand the roles of Master Data Management and Business Intelligence as separate entities and when combined together to realise your data and technology ROI.

Master data management and business intelligence: A match made in data heaven

With all the hoopla surrounding data-related technologies, it’s hard not to be persuaded to jump on the bandwagon. This rings true with the elevated status of data as this era’s ‘new oil’. When it comes to data, the topics of … Read More

Data makes a story more trustworthy, leading the audience to take notice, participate in the discussion, and decide the next course of action. Let’s deep dive into 5 ways to create an impactful and compelling story using data.

How to tell stories with data: 5 steps to make it work

“Stories—there’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.” — Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones Let’s face it—with constant disruption from smartphones and gadgets, people suffer from short attention … Read More

Exploring the top 5 misconceptions around master data management that often lead to urban myths.

5 myths around Master Data Management—debunked!

Organisations big and small are recognising the importance of data as the cogs that run their business. With this awareness, conversations about Master Data Management (MDM) become more frequent. What’s the relevance of managing master data in this scheme of … Read More

Recommendations around maintaining high quality data at all times with real-life examples

What are the 8 data quality criteria you shouldn’t miss

There’s so much hype about Data Quality Management as more and more companies are realising the critical role of data as the ‘new oil’ in this Digital Era. But first, you’ll have to know and understand what you’re trying to … Read More

What are the key data health milestones? Prerequisite to your data quality journey

Poor data quality is adversely impacting businesses with an average of $15 million per year in losses, according to a Gartner’s Data Quality Market Survey. But, first, what is data quality? Data quality refers to the status of your data … Read More

What is Master Data Management?

First, let’s go back to basics. What is Master Data? In simple terms, it’s a set of identifiers that provides the business context to your core data areas such as assets, products, and customers. These datasets are usually shared across … Read More

What on Earth Are Taxonomies in Management of Spares and Assets: Do We Need It? What If We Don’t Have Them?

Ok, before we go into Taxonomies, let’s define Spares, shall we? Spares are divided into direct and indirect spares. Direct spares are parts that go into the finished product and are stocked to support its lifecycle. In a car manufacturing … Read More

Hard Talk About Data Quality

Truth bomb #1: A Gartner survey found that 60% of companies weren’t aware that bad data had impacted their bottom line as they weren’t measuring it in the first place. Poor data quality led to 15 million dollars in losses … Read More