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A leading fuel and lubricant manufacturing company...

One of the world’s leading formulators, manufacturers and marketers of fuel and lubricant additives. For nearly 80 years, they have been innovators of additive products, including those used: automotive, heavy-duty diesel and marine engine oils, diesel fuels etc.

Business Challenges:

  • Lack of an Enterprise Data Governance Structure and a System.
  • Vendor Onboarding and Vendors taking ownership of their data was the biggest challenge, they had to be compliant both from a risk and financial impact.
  • The other areas where their Test Specifications (Manufacturing Spec), which required multiple master data areas to be maintained, SAP can only provide results based on accurate information of these masters. Compliance to Vendor Data Management & Product Information Management.

Solution Areas:

Vendor and Manufacturing Spec (MFG)

  • Vendor Onboarding Process was implemented with additional checks with D&B and internal business rules.
  • Vendors were supposed to manage and be responsible for their own data that included bank details and certificates.
  • MDO combined all the key master data areas (SAP) for Manufacturing Spec which are Material, Bill of Materials and Quality Inspection data , provides one interface and a governance framework to manage the test specifications. It also allows customer specific specification.

Business Benefits:

  • Reduce Risk and be Compliant as a Chemical Company.
  • Improved Process that allows to have more rule-based data maintenance.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Accountability for Test Specifications that are customer oriented.
  • Vendor Risk Assessment based on country and D&B, reduces delays and better efficiency during new Vendor Onboarding.
  • Data Privacy compliances are managed more efficiently.
  • Impact analysis on Product characteristic change.